Marcus Ehning looks towards bright future with Cornado

Marcus Ehning & Cornado
© Jacques Toffi /

Marcus Ehning & Cornado © Jacques Toffi /

Since Marcus Ehning rides the NRW-stallion Cornado his successes increase rapidly. Their greatest achievement so far they took last Saturday in Verona, when they won the 1.50m class.

Ehning is full of praise for the 10-year-old sire, which was the 2005 winner of the NRW stallion show: “He is very special. We’ve only been together for two years now and still he shows more power, more quality and a better canter. It is very important to give him time to develop. He keeps getting better and I’m really proud of him. He is definitely a horse for the future.”

Talking about the future; on November 6th, the third child of Marcus and Nadia Ehning was born. A healthy boy named Nael Fyor Ehning.

Source: Horses International / StGeorg

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